Every woman wants to look beautiful and want to be admired. That admiration gives her a confidence boost and also helps to improve natural beauty. Some routine changes could help to improve skin, hairs, and nails, making a woman fully groomed beautiful lady.

Proper moisturizing:

It is a general belief that moisturizer adds moisture to the skin. In fact, it is not true. In contrast to this, moisturizer traps already present water in the skin and inhibit its evaporation. To have this capturing optimally, it is recommended to apply moisturizer after three minutes of taking a shower as it will trap the maximum amount of moisture and leaves skin moisturized for a long period of time.

Wash your face once:

It is not necessary to wash the face many times to feel clean. According to dermatologists, if you don’t have any skin issue such as acne then it is perfectly OK to wash your face only once, and that once should preferably be in the evening to remove all the makeup and dirt on the face. However, if you want to, you can rinse your face with water in the morning to feel fresh.

Virgin coconut oil as the moisturizer:

Virgin coconut oil is best for skin moisturizing. It also helps to prevent hair fall, and it helps to treat hair damage as it has a very high affinity for hair proteins.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise not only helps to stay fit but it also impacts very positively our skin and that skin also include the skin of our scalp. Through exercise blood flow to our skin, outer layers increase making it more beautiful by flushing debris out of it through blood circulation.

Sleeping position:

The sleeping position also has a great effect on our skin and general health overall. The best sleeping position is sleeping on the back. As it allows a constant air flow over our face and thus makes the facial skin more beautiful and it also helps to prevent dark circles.

Sleeping pattern:

The sleeping pattern also affects our skin and overall health. At least, seven hours’ sleep is mandatory for good health, and proper sleep timing should be adapted to stay fit and healthy.

Eat more tomatoes especially in summer:

Eating more tomatoes is important in summer because a special pigment, lycopene, present in the tomatoes helps to prevent UV rays damage and could act as a shield against those hazardous rays and could protect our skin and hairs from harmful rays.

Hair covering in the sun:

Covering one’s hair in the sun is also crucial as it helps to reduce the harm caused by UV rays. UV rays damage the inner protein structure of hairs thus rendering them to dead ends and other more harmful effects.

Do you know about the importance of silica?

Silica is also very essential for our skin and nails. A large amount of silica helps you to have silky hair, soft skin, and beautiful shiny nails as of most of the children. If you take silica abundantly same will be true for your skin, hairs, and nails in the adulthood. Silica helps to have thicker and less brittle hairs. So take silica abundantly to look good.